New Book Empowers Us.. In a World That Could Break Us..

Can you recall the last time you faced a setback, or an obstacle that had really questioned your purpose in life?

This is an intimate and inspiring book, which will give readers an insight into her world of life changing experiences that have shaped her. A story telling transition from her childhood to balancing the demands of her career, embracing life being a wife and a mother while going through life’s ups and downs.

One of the hardest things in life is making a decision to start over.

Even when life is not perfect, her journey will inspire those who are going through changes that are scary, situations that are overwhelming, tough times that will test your love, faith, and existence.

Through her deep reflection on a series of events and discovering everyday who she wants to be, she shares her story and hopes to help inspire others to rediscover their inner strength.

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London United Kingdom

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