How to Plan Your Dream Wedding on a budget?

Weddings are magical! The joy of finally finding your soul mate – the one that’s for you, cannot be described in words. It is something special; something that you will cherish all your life – one bit at a time. Well, congratulations on getting engaged. Enjoy the giggles, the laughs, the glow of joy on your face and the butterflies in your tummy throughout the wedding planning season. Planning a wedding is a tedious task though, especially if you have a budget to stick to. However, with just a tiny bit cooperation of your partner, an extended helping hand of your family or friends, you can do it like a pro! If you are 2019/20 bride, here are a few tips that might come handy during your wedding planning on a budget.

1- Come up with a Realist Budget & Stick to it.

There is something with ladies and shopping, it’s called the I-want-it-all syndrome, especially when it comes to wedding shopping. While it is true that wedding is the most important day of your life; you have probably dreamt about this day all your life; you deserve to be treated like a princess; and you deserve that custom-made silk dress not an off-the-rack dress – the reality is, you need to stick to your budget. Unless you win a lottery or expecting to find a treasure box hidden in your garden, don’t go overboard spending all your money on one ‘luxe’ item. Make a list of all the things you need and then dedicate a specified budget to all the items in the list. Do not spend more than what you have decided on one item. It will save you from any heart break later.

2- Get Organized, Make Lists, Keep a Wedding Diary.

An old school OG wedding diary can actually be a very practical approach of planning a wedding, especially if you are cutting costs on hiring a wedding planner and doing everything on your own. Wedding dress, groom dress, bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, cake, decoration, venue, wedding favors, wedding invites, marriage certificates – there is a massive list of things you need to get done without overlooking and forgetting. Thus, make a list and check things off your list as you go.

3- Shop Online, Check Discount Stores.

Don’t gasp. There is absolutely nothing wrong with shopping online for a wedding especially for things like décor, wedding favors and bridesmaids’ accessories and stuff. etsy, ebay and Amazon are your best bet. Compare prices and see from where you can find the best possible bang for your bucks. Check the designer clearance sales too, sometimes you actually find hidden gems in there literally for peanuts.


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