Becoming One Bridal By Sere

Sere, a sewing enthusiast as well as a lover of all things Bridal, has been sewing for about 13 years, focusing mainly on costumes for clients such as the South London Theatre company. She moved onto accessories and apparel (Sere Creates) incorporating tailor made

garments into my sewing projects and turning client’s beloved fabric into wearable creations.

Becoming One Bridal by Sere Creates

In the past few years she started to set her sights on the beauty and artistry of wedding gowns and have become highly passionate about creating a vision for her clients. In June 2019 she finished creating her first small collection which contains only 4 very different, but amazingly fabulous dress designs. Why so few? She wants to encourage brides to make their dresses their own and take on styles that reflect their character, fashion sense and most importantly, them. Why not have a gown that you were involved in being a part of to create and has elements of beloved friends and family members (for instance, a special piece of fabric from a loved one that bonded you together).

Sere's 3 passions for Becoming One Bridal by Sere are firstly, rejoicing in 2 becoming one! So why not do so extravagantly! Secondly, for brides to realise their creativity by being part of the creation of their dress; putting their imagination onto paper. Lastly, and most importantly, to support girls in their path to freedom from child marriage. That’s right! When you take your dress journey with Sere, your very own dress supports the work of the Saarthi Trust in Rajasthan which does just that!

Becoming One Bridal by Sere Creates



London United Kingdom

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