5 things that will probably go wrong during wedding planning

Nothing is perfect! Every couple experience hiccups when it comes to planning the day of their dreams. We have put together some things that will undoubtedly go wrong along the way on the journey to tying the knot.

1. Vendor Issues

What makes a good and memorable execution of a wedding is having the right vendors to work with to create your perfect day. Although, you may find that working with some vendors could be quite tricky, from the process of getting in touch to discuss your desired wedding ideas, to communicating with them to finalise wedding arrangements. Don't get discouraged if you were unable to hire your desired vendor either due to their availability or pricing. Be prepared that from time to time, you might find yourself having to nail down a vendor to be able to carry out your wedding plans successfully.

2. Different Opinions

When planning a wedding, your loved ones most especially, would like to be involved in the planning process - sharing wedding ideas, wedding experiences & opinions. This can be frustrating, which is expected but it’s important to prepare yourself for these differences and to think through how you will handle these discussions, whether they’re with your fiancé, your parents, in-laws, or wedding party.

3. Budget

You may have already mapped out a perfect wedding budget for every vendors or items that will be needed for your big day, which is great. However, things rarely cost exactly what you expect them to. While some aspects of your wedding may come in under budget, others may be more expensive than you anticipated. Make room for unexpected expenses that may arise and be prepared to be a little bit flexible on your budget, to be able to cover any unforeseen expenses.

4. RVSP Issues There will always be delays in communication from guests and last minute adds. You will experience that guests may not respond on time in letting you know whether they'll attend the event, while others may only respond at last minute or request to bring their plus ones. Remember to keep to your desired guest list so you don't go over. Many couples couples struggle on RSVP issues but it is worth starting on this earlier in the process and just fo with the flow of these sometimes, annoying delays.

5. Last minute.com

You might be the most organised and proactive bride but there is bound to be a last minute minor thing to do. This is normal as you go into the last week of your event/wedding. Just keep calm and try not to let anything ruin your big day. You could hire a wedding day coordinator to go through everything to ensure that you have most of the planning all covered.


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